Why Gdynia Maritime Legend Route?

Because Gdynia is a phenomenon in the Polish history. The city was constructed by one generation on seaside sands. It was the expression of the national ambitions to be a sovereign and important state on the European map. The Polish "window to the world" was located on the virgin banks of the Baltic Sea. Therefore, Gdynia and the sea are inseparable terms in the awareness of Poles.

The legend of Gdynia was written since the first days of constructing the city and the port. It was told by the whole society, being the pride of the 2nd Republic, the pioneer’s foundation myth and an example of economic success.

Therefore, the Gdynia Sea Legend is the story of great ambitions, visionary plans and the broad way out to the world for the revived state. Almost every element of Gdynia’s history and modern times is related to the sea. The deep-sea port remains the economic dominant feature of Gdynia. The  architecture of the Gdynia city centre emulates the maritime style, featuring sites that are the milestones in the development of maritime Poland. The special community of Gdynia has developed on and serving the sea. Numerous multi-generation families of seamen, fishermen, navigators, shipbuilders, port workers and sailors live in Gdynia. Marking out the Gdynia Maritime Legend Route is an attempt at telling this fascinating history through its clear traces in the city. They may have varied scales and importance - buildings, monuments, sites, ships, warships and people. If you walk along the proposed route, you can understand how the sea formed the city and determined its varied development in time. The route is a selection only, because in fact the whole Gdynia is a sea legend.

Franciszek Sokół, Government Commissary "I lived and breathed Gdynia"

"Gdynia is the best deal ever made by our Republic"

Franciszka Cegielska, Gdynia - a fascinating challenge (1996)

"Gdynia is an extraordinary city, built on a dream about the sea, the free access to the world and wealth. (These dreams are with us also today, when we think about Gdynia's future.")

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